Freelance Writing

read my maple sugar farm story!

These days I’m more focused on my blog, but back in the day I was published in a few print magazines and local newspapers. One of the best gigs I had was my “Day Tripper” column for the sadly defunct Central Mass Magazine. I was the mag’s travel writer, and covered everything from the region’s only bison farm to the last candlepin bowling alley still rolling in the game’s, and my, hometown of Worcester, MA.

I loved the job. It gave me a whole new appreciation for where I grew up, and it was loony fun. My favorite was, hands down, the story on the candlepin bowling alley. The story almost didn’t happen. When I asked the owner for an interview he thought I was a salesperson, and immediately started screaming at me that he wasn’t going to buy anything, and almost threw me out. Once I explained that I wanted to write a story about Colonial he became an instant gentleman and we had a fascinating conversation about the history of his alley and the city.